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Be a Superhero Safety Agent

Don’t sanitize, Meditize™ and get 4-hour continuous protection against viral pathogens.

Use Meditizer™ one-every four hours for maximum protection in your daily wellness routine.

Sign up for the monthly autoship program so you always have enough Meditizer to protect yourself and your immediate family.

Then become a Superhero Safety Agent with you own Superhero AgentID and e-Commerce Store.

Superhero Safety Agents are committed to keep their family safe and then helping others to stay safe from deadly pathogens by sharing information about Meditizer via Social Media, Email and SMS Text Messaging.

Invite People to Try Meditizer

Superhero Safety Agents send invites to people to try Meditizer by sending a coupon which is good for ten-percent (10%) off their initial purchase.

Coupon’s are serialized and coded to each Superhero Safety Agent so we can track sales made by each Superhero Safety Agent.

There is custom made coupons available with different themes that can be sent electronically by smartphone, PC or tablet.  These electronic coupons include a serialized digital link that also be linked to keywords or blog posts, social media posts or emails with or without pictures.

Sample themes include

And many more.

When someone activates the coupon and saves ten-percent off their initial purchase, you helped them save money and began to protect them from deadly pathogens.  As a Superhero Safety Agent you will be rewarded by earning ten-percent (10%) of all purchases made by the people you introduced or who click on a coupon, ad or visit your e-commerce store for Meditizer.  This reward can be redeemed for free Meditizer products and/or cash once you sign a Superhero Safety Agent Agreement and provide a signed W-9 form and a ACH form to receive automatic deposits.

You should encourage friends, family and coworkers to use Meditizer daily for maximum protection.  You can also help them lock in savings by signing up for a monthly autoship program to lock in their ten-percent savings not only on their first purchase but for each monthly shipment thereafter (some restriction apply).  This ensures that the people you help protect with regular use of Meditizer will generate a recurring monthly sale which includes monthly savings for them and another reward for you with every shipment.

When you join the fight against deadly pathogens and become a Superhere Safety Agent you have the unique ability to make money while helping others stay safe at the same time.

That is something to get excited about.

So what is next?

Do you know anyone else who needs to earn extra money who would like to join the fight against deadly pathogens too?

You can invite other people to become a Superhero Safety Agents too.

When you invite someone else by sending them an electronic invite or another serialized link that is associated to your AgentID, we will keep track of all the sales they make too.

Your job will then be to support the Superhero Safety Agents enrolled by you to make sure they know  how to use the product and help them learn how to market, promote and sell the product too.

In exchange for your providign first-level training and support to your team, we will pay you an additional ten-percent (10%) for all sales made by the Superhero Safety Agents you enrolled.

Please note: this is not multilevel and only applies to the people you enroll, train and support directly.

How to Make Money

Superhero Safety Agents get rewarded by marketing and promoting Meditizer products and ecouraging people to click on ads or links that point back to their made-for-you Meditizer website that includes your Superhero Safety AgentID.

You simply market, promote, advertise, post on social media, send SMS text messages and email to invite people to try Meditizer and get ten-percent (10%) off as your gift.

The more you advertise, market and promote the more sales you will make and the more commission you will earn.  You can go as slow or fast as you want.

You can also enroll other Superhero Safety Agents and help train and support them to earn additional comissions on all sales made by the Superhero Safety Agents you enrolled and continue to support.

No Inventory to Buy

We process the orders, we pack and ship the product for you.

You don’ need to buy inventory or resell anything.  Just market and promote the product and we will do the rest in this done-for-you business model.


No Sales Commissions to Pay

When you enroll others as Superhero Safety Agents, we will track all sales and pay all commissions electronically.  You don’t need to worry about keeping track of sales or paying out any commissions or filling any 1099 forms because this is a done-for-you e-commerce business.

How to Get Started

To get started you must read and agree to all terms and conditions of the Superhero Safety Agent Agreement which can be viewed an signed electroncally.

Next you must submit a valid W-9 form which will be used to report any income on form 1099 according to state and federal law.  You can submit this form electronically as well.

You must subscribe to the Superhero Safety Agent Program and pay Twenty-Five-Dollars ($25) per month to use the digital marketing tools, customized E-commerce site, serialized marketing materials and other items used to track all your sales and account for commissions and overrides.

You will only be eligible to receive commissions for as long as your subscription to the Safety Agent Program Portal remains active and in good standing.

You can enroll in the Superhero Safety Agent Program Portal by clicking here.

Upon receipt of your signed agreement, W-9 and subscription confirmation to the Safety Agent Program Portal, our staff will prepare your dedicated e-Commerce site and serialized marketing materials and links within 24-48 hours.

You will be notified by email once your new e-Commerce site is active and ready to begin processing orders.

Restrictions & Conditions

You may only use marketing material and advertisements approved by the Company to prevent any misreprestation of the product and/or its benefits.

The Company will provide you with access to many different electronic ads and electronic materials that have been reviewed and approved by the Company.

Agents can be terminated without further compensation for any violation of this rule.

Superhere Safety Agents must train and support other agents they entroll in order to maintain the overrides paid on sales made by them.  Failure to train or provide on-going support may result in the reassigment of such entrolled agents to another Superhero Safety Agent willing to train and support them.  Should this occur, you will lose your overrides on the agents you failed to support.

Superhero Safety Agents must conduct themselves in an honest, ethical, professional manner at all times and never become irritated, angry or use foul language of any kind.  The Company is founded by devoted Christians who will protect their good name and reputation by terminating any Superhero Safety Agent who fails to conduct themselves in a Godly manner with genuine care and humility. Termination for ungodly behaviour, deception, false advertising or otherwise will result in the loss of all future recurring commisions from the date of termination.